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ASL Sign Language Interpretation

ASL Sign Language Interpretation

An interpreter uses American Sign Language and spoken English to bridge this communication gap. Information the interpreter hears is conveyed to the Deaf person. Information the Deaf person expresses is conveyed to other people present. This process provides each participant with the opportunity to communicate freely.

All interpreted information is confidential.

The interpreter cannot interfere, advice, or interject personal opinions into interpreted situations.

Interpreters are professionals, and must conduct themselves appropriately.

The interpreter's responsibility is to bridge communication gaps through use of American Sign Language, spoken English, cultural mediation, and knowledge about accessibility.

As ethical professionals, interpreters must respect consumers’ right to confidentiality and independence.

Helping the interpreter review and prepare for upcoming activities will help to shape a clearly processed interpretation.

Resting periodically allows the interpreter to perform better and to avoid cumulative motion injuries.

Sign language is now the fourth most used language in United States.

We are a Company dedicated to providing quality, ethical and professional services. Just one call and we will dispatch a professional, Certified Sign language interpreter to work on any specific matter such as Medical health, Business meetings, Conferences, Legal appointments and workshops at very affordable prices.

We have qualified interpreters. Our guarantee is excellent customer service with reasonable rates. Call or email us for more information on our rates and services.

We look forward working with you!

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