• Mon - Fri 9:00 am - 5:00 pm. Sat - Sun CLOSED
  • 15 E. Churchville Road, MD 21014 US
  • 410-838-6689
  • Mon - Fri 9:00 am - 5:00 pm. Sat - Sun CLOSED
  • 15 E. Churchville Road, MD 21014 US
  • 410-838-6689
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    Video Remote Interpreting - VRI
    VRI and OPI Interpretation 24/7
    We offer more than 200 languages and ASL
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    Certified Translation
    For your Documents & Certificates.
    Get Documents Translated Fast and Easy
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    On Site Interpretation
    Face to Face Interpretation Services.
    TOLL FREE 1-877-825 0660
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    Simultaneous Interpretation
    In Health Care, Miscommunication could be Fatal and Teamwork is Vital.
    We Are Available 24/7..Call us 410 - 838 6689
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    Consecutive Interpretation
    Works very well in small groups of people where there
    is only one foreign language to be catered for.
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    Written Translation
    We can Notarize your documents and translation services projects.
    Toll Free: 1-877-825-0660
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    Sight Translation
    Involves taking a document written in one language
    and reading It aloud in another language.
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    ASL Sign Language Interpretation
    Our guarantee is excellent customer service.
    With reasonable rates.
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    Telephonic Interpretation
    You will pay for the minutes you use.
    We have the most affordable pricing in USA.

Welcome to RLS Inc.


Professionalism, Reliability, Affordability and Availability.

We offer Professional ASL - Sign Language Interpreters, Multilingual Interpreters and Certified Translators. RLS provide writen translation on any subject matter.

Reliable Language Services Inc. is a women-owned minority business that provides professional translation and interpretation to corporations and individuals. Our main objetive is to develop and sustain positive customer relationships. We believe that every customer is important and should be treated accordingly.

Whether you need a simple translation or a large localized project, you will always receive the same excellent treatment from us. We work hard to exceed your expectations and earn your loyalty. We believe that each satisfied customer will bring us other customers. And this is our objetive.

"This organization is an absolutely top-notch group. The team's can-do attiude, efficiency, timeliness and quality of product are exemplary".

-The R.L.S. Team -

Why Choose Us


Translation Services 24/7

Always provides you with texts translated by professionals who are native speakers of the target language.


Over 90 languages

We offer over 90 languages including Interpreter or Translator. You can also order proofreading by a native speaker.


Certified Translators

We offer a Certified Translators and Notarizations. At quality when you submit your order


100% Human Translation

You receive a professional human translation of a text in a matter of just minutes.


Interpretation Services

Our services are also available for conferences, in-home visitations or consultations, and homeowner transactions.


Telephonic Interpretation

On-site certified interpreters for any task. Over 180 languages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 360 days a year. You will pay for the minutes you use.


Sight Translation

Is also very common, due to the number of forms and handouts with which patients or clients are asked to deal.


We can Notarize your documents

Our licensed notarization services are here to make life easier. Once your documents are translated and notarized, we will send them where they should go.

Request a Call Back?

Contact our Qualified Team today for a no obligation Translation QUOTE. Toll Free Now: 1 (877) 825-0660.

Main Services



For Legal Depositions, USCIS Immigration appointments, Medical and Social. Simultaneous Interpretation for Conference, Video Conference.


Consecutive Interpretation, Sight Translation

For Medical, Financial, Technical, Official, Business, Letters, Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Diplomas, Transcripts, or other documents.


Sight Translations and ASL / Sign Language Interpretation

For Medical and Legal interpretation. If You Are Looking For Quality Language Translation and Interpretation, Accuracy, Attention to Detail And Personalized Service, Face to Face.

If you are looking for quality Language Translation and Interpretation, Accuracy, Attention to detail and Personalized Service, face to face.... contact us now!.

Get in touch

  • Mon - Fri 9:00 am - 5:00 pm.
    Sat - Sun CLOSED
  • 15 E. Churchville Road, Bel Air, MD 21014 US
  • 410-838-6689